ESR publications

ESR publications

A list of publications by SAGEX ESRs, ordered by date of submission to the arXiv (most recent first).


R. Gonzo, D. Medrano, T. McLoughlin, A. Spiering, Asymptotic Charges and Coherent States in QCD. [arXiv:1906.11763]

J. Plefka, C. Shi, J. Steinhoff, T. Wang, Breakdown of the classical double copy for the effective action of dilaton-gravity at NNLO. [arXiv:1906.05875]

A. Cristofoli, Post-Minkowskian Hamiltonians in Modified Theories of Gravity. [arXiv:1906.05209]

A. Cristofoli, N. E. J. Bjerrum-Bohr, P. Damgaard, P. Vanhove, On post-Minkowskian hamiltonians in General Relativity. [arXiv:1906.01579]

S. Penati, D. Polvara, Quantum anomalies in A^{(1)}_r Toda theories with defects, JHEP 06 (2019) 062doi:10.1007/JHEP06(2019)062   [arXiv:1902.10690]