Industry secondments

Industry secondments

Main secondment

Each Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will undertake a minimum three-month secondment at either Wolfram Research, Maplesoft or RISC Software GmbH, where they will implement aspects of their research in the corresponding software.

Through our relationships with these world-leading computer algebra and software companies, the ESRs will gain experience in a commercial environment, whilst producing key resources for the entire research community working on scattering amplitudes – beyond the boundaries of SAGEX.

The main secondment will usually take place during the first two years of an ESR’s fellowship.

Additional secondments

We recognise that in the long term, not all ESRs may wish to pursue a career in academia. To facilitate transitions into industry, we also offer additional secondments at either Danske Bank, DreamQuark, Maersk Tankers  Each of these companies has long-term relationships with academia, employing mathematical and software techniques that will be familiar to the ESRs. Secondments at Milde Marketing Science Communications are also possible for ESRs with an interest in this area.

Additional secondments will normally take place during the penultimate or final year of an ESR’s fellowship.