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SAGEX role: beneficiary

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s top-ranked university. The campus, in the heart of Dublin, is home to a community of scholars at the cutting edge of research and teaching. Combining historic traditions with world-renowned centres of research excellence, Trinity offers a unique opportunity to blend a rigorous academic programme with an unparalleled array of cultural, social and professional experiences.

Trinity is the highest-ranked university in Ireland, and 104th in the world (2018). It is recognised as a top international centre for research and a world leader in fields including Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Immunology, Mathematics and Engineering.

SAGEX researchers at Trinity College Dublin are based in the School of Mathematics, which conducts research in both pure and applied mathematics. Research topics include String Theory, Quantum Field Theory and Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. The SAGEX researchers also have a dual affiliation with the Hamilton Mathematics Institute, which aims to foster and support the economic, cultural and societal benefits of mathematics and fundamental science as drivers of progress in Ireland. The institute builds on the international reputation for research excellence in the School of Mathematics and its commitment to education and scholarship.

Local SAGEX team

The SAGEX team members based at Trinity College Dublin are listed below. Contact details can be produced by replacing ‘*’ with ‘@’.


Ruth Britto
Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics

Research field:
Novel approaches for scattering amplitude calculations.


Tristan McLoughlin
Associate Professor in Mathematics

Research field:
Quantum field theory, quantum gravity and string theory.


Anne Spiering
Early Stage Researcher

Research field:
Soft limits and symmetries in perturbative gauge theory and gravity.