Early Stage Researchers

Early Stage Researchers

Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are central to the SAGEX project, and we have received funding for 15 positions. Each ESR is working towards a PhD in theoretical physics at the same time as undertaking a wide range of complementary training. The ESRs who have already begun their fellowships (and their projects) are:


Manuel Accettulli Huber
Queen Mary University of London

Form factors and Higgs amplitudes from N=4 super Yang-Mills to QCD

Supervisors: Gabriele Travaglini & Andreas Brandhuber

Fellowship complete: now working at Credit Suisse

Luke Corcoran
Humboldt University


Integrability for amplitudes and correlators

Supervisor: Matthias Staudacher

Fellowship complete: now at Trinity College Dublin

Andrea Cristofoli
University of Copenhagen

Scattering equations, kinematic algebra and tree and loop amplitudes

Supervisor: Poul Damgaard

Fellowship complete, now at University of Edinburgh.

Stefano De Angelis
Queen Mary University of London

From amplitudes to the dilation operator of N=4 super Yang-Mills

Supervisor: Andreas Brandhuber & Gabriele Travaglini

Fellowship complete: now at CEA-Saclay

Gabriele Dian
Durham University

Amplitudes and correlation functions as generalised polytopes

Supervisor: Paul Heslop

Fellowship complete: now at DESY

Nikolai Fadeev


Computer algebra for special functions

Carsten Schneider

Completing fellowship at RISC

Riccardo Gonzo
Trinity College Dublin

Perturbative amplitude computations and integrability

Ruth Britto

Fellowship complete. Now at Edinburgh University

Kays Haddad
University of Copenhagen

Applications of amplitudes results in effective field theory

Supervisor: Poul Damgaard

Fellowship complete, now at Uppsala University.

Ingrid Angelica Vasquez Holm
CEA Saclay

Local loop-level recursion for nonplanar theories

Supervisor: John-Joseph Carrasco

Fellowship complete. Now at Uppsala University.

Sebastian Pögel
CEA Saclay

Two-loop QCD amplitudes for next-to-next-to-leading order calculations at the LHC

Supervisor: David Kosower

Fellowship complete, now at Uni Mainz.

Davide Polvara
Durham University

Perturbative simplicity in lower dimensions

Supervisor: Patrick Dorey

Fellowship complete: now at Padova University

Lorenzo Quintavalle

4D ambitwistor theory for N=8 supergravity

Supervisor: Volker Schomerus

Fellowship complete: now at Laval University

Marco Saragnese

Differential equations for phase-space integrals and Cutkosky rules

Supervisor: Johannes Blümlein

Fellowship completed: now at Wolfram

Canxin Shi
Humboldt University Berlin

Uncovering the kinematic algebra behind colour-kinematic duality

Supervisor: Jan Plefka

Fellowship complete: now at Chinese Academy of Sciences


Anne Spiering
Trinity College Dublin

Soft limits and symmetries in perturbative gauge theory and gravity

Supervisor: Tristan McLoughlin

Fellowship complete, now at NBI.