SAGEX ESRs are committed to taking part in scientific outreach as part of their fellowships. This page documents their activities.

Film ‘Doing a PhD in Physics’

The full film is now available to watch!

SAGEX Online Exhibition

Take a look at the online exhibition ‘SAGEX – at the Frontiers of Physics‘, created by the SAGEX ESRs, about their work in scattering amplitudes. Explore the web app, which allows you to experience the wonderful world of quantum particles, from basic concepts to cutting-edge ideas, through short videos, games, and other interactive elements.

Trailer ‘Doing a PhD in Physics’

The trailer for the ESR’s film which documents their lives as SAGEX PhD students is  available to view here!

Pilot ESR film

As part of a joint project with EE Films, the ESRs will throw open a very special part of their lives, as they take their first steps into their chosen research field and work intensively towards their doctoral thesis. Each ESR was asked to record a monthly video diary, documenting their experiences of their fellowship. The footage will ultimately be combined into a longer film.

Throughout their individual journeys the ESRs will experience many different emotions: from the elation of a discovery, to doubts and disappointment. Although the challenges faced by each student will be individual, there are common themes that will unite their experiences – not least their participation in the wider SAGEX network. For many, they will also be trying to answer the crucial question: should they pursue a career in academia and try to become a professional scientist?

Watch a short pilot film below, telling the story of ESRs Gabriele Dian and Davide Polvara during their first year as part of the SAGEX network.

Public lecture

Watch a recording of the public science lecture ‘To the heart of matter’, given by Professor Lance Dixon on 4 July 2019.