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SAGEX role:
industry partner

DreamQuark develops an Artificial Intelligence software platform called ‘Brain’, which can be trusted, controlled and used by businesses. Based on an advanced proprietary deep learning technology, Brain quickly delivers unmatched and interpretable results to create Financial Services applications in fraud, risk, marketing and compliance.

DreamQuark has won multiple awards including the ‘Fintech of the Year’ prize by Finance Innovation, ‘National Best AI Company’ by ‘10,000 startups’, as well as the ‘Best Solution AI’ award by Bank & Innovation. The company counts among its clients major banks and insurance companies such as BNP Paribas, AG2R la Mondiale, GAN Prevoyance and Groupement des Cartes Bancaires.

Local SAGEX team

The SAGEX team members based at DreamQuark are listed below. Contact details can be produced by replacing ‘*’ with ‘@’.


Jeremie Abiteboul
Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Research field:
Artificial intelligence, deep learning, tabular data, explainable AI, ethics of AI