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SAGEX role: beneficiary

SAGEX team members work across the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, RISC (an academic department of the Johannes Kepler University and a SAGEX academic partner), and RISC Software Gmbh, a spin-off company set up by RISC.

RISC and RISC Software GmbH are two of the largest and most well-known units of JKU, with more than 100 members in total. RISC focuses on the development of mathematical algorithms based on fundamental research, while RISC Software GmbH implements scientific software systems designed to efficiently use the most powerful computing infrastructures currently available.

RISC Software GmbH is 80% owned by JKU and 20% owned by the Upper Austrian Government. It was founded in 1992 by Professor Bruno Buchberger, who developed the theory of Gröbner bases.

Both RISC and RISC Software GmbH play a leading international role in symbolic- and high-performance computing, covering the application of symbolic algorithms in industrial applications, Gröbner bases, special functions, symbolic summation/integration and solving large systems of difference/differential equations.

Local SAGEX team:

The local team comprises members of RISC Software GmbH, together with RISC research staff from the  Computer Algebra for QFT Group and and the Combinatorics Group.

The relevant team members are listed below. Contact details can be produced by replacing ‘*’ with ‘@’. The image of Peter Paule was produced by Karoly Erdei.


Jakob Ablinger
Research Fellow (RISC)

Research field:

Symbolic computation for iterative integrals and sums, and their applications.


Nikolai Fadeev
Early Stage Researcher

Research field:

Computer algebra for special functions.


Michael Giretzlehner
Head of Research Unit Medical Informatics (RISC Software Gmbh)

Research field:
Systematic processing of data, information and knowledge in medicine and health care


Carsten Schneider
Professor of Mathematics (RISC)

Research field:
Computer algebra for combinatorics, special functions and QFT.


Peter Paule
Director of RISC, Professor of Mathematics

Research field:
Symbolic computation in combinatorics and special functions.