Attend the SAGEX training school on gauge and string theory

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)

The first SAGEX training school on gauge and string theory will take place at DESY from 22-26 July 2019. This exciting school will have a special emphasis on scattering amplitudes in gauge and string theories, and is primarily aimed at early-stage researchers and advanced masters students. The intention is to bridge the gap between textbook material and the forefront of current research.

The confirmed lecturers and topics are:

  • Johannes Henn (MPP Munich): Introduction to Scattering Amplitudes
  • David Kosower (IPhT Saclay): Loop-level Technologies
  • Claude Duhr (CERN & UCL Louvain): Mathematical Structure of Feynman Integrals
  • Oliver Schlotterer (Uppsala University): String Amplitudes
  • Gleb Arutyunov (University of Hamburg): Holography and Integrability

The school is open to non-SAGEX students, and is free of charge to attend. (Participants must pay for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs). Register for the school on the event website to secure a place.